How We Met

  • How It All Started...

    It was an exciting evening for Clemson and Alabama fans.... as it was January 11, 2016, and a few of us went to the Henderson's house for the College Football Playoff National Championship (I was really there to meet Doug. Doug was really there for the beer and friends, and OF COURSE to meet me).


    Our friend Steve (the Best Man) had been saying for at least a year+ that we needed to meet. Both of us blew it off for quite some time, not believing that anything would come of it, but we finally gave in and Doug and I sat next to each other during the  game, we drank beers and ate chicken wings (and for all of you that know me (Lauren) you know how attractive chicken wing eating is!). 


    We didn't see each other again until a night in February, where a group of us went for a few cocktails, and it felt like Doug and I were the only people at the bar. After a terrible Uber experience, I wound up back at the bar, just missing the round of high-five's he was giving his friends for the fact that we set a true first date. He was my "knight in shining armor" and got me a new Uber home.


    March 5, 2016, we had our first official date at Mondo's Delight .... and the rest is history!


    BTW - January 11, 2016 turned out to be a GREAT night for Doug and I, Alabama and Gamecock fans! :)

Our Wedding Day!